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A NEW CONCEPT IN TREATED AND STRAIGHT HAIR1Ka Steel is a treatment based on glyoxylic acid, mix of ten amino acids and essential oils.1Ka Steel does not use formaldehyde or any of its derivatives.1Ka Steel has a unique and revolutionary technology that treats and rejuvenates the hair while providing a natural straightening. Using 1Ka Steel colouring or bleaching are made right after treatment with no risk of losing the straightening process or interfere with the result.1Ka Steel is compatible with any chemical treatment made previously, such as colouring, bleaching, Keratin, Guanidine, Ammonia, Lithium and Sodium.Step By Step Instructions

  1.  Wash with deep cleaning shampoo  (clarifying shampoo) 3 times,    

massaging well and wait 5 minutes in   the last shampoo. Rinse completely.

  1.  Dry 100%.
  2. Apply 1Ka Steel.
  3. Use 2 overlapping plastic caps to  keep the heat of the head.
  4. Pause for hair restructure.